Hospital Appointments

30th September 2010

Today I had my appointment at the Rheumatology  Department.  It made a change from going for blood tests which I had got fed up of and started feeling like a pin cushion.  As expected there was the usual boring wait but at least I had Rick to keep me company this time.

There were three student doctors there but I wasn’t bothered about that I just wanted to get the appointment over and done with.  I have an in built dislike of hospitals dating back to when I was a child.  I had to go regularly until I was thirteen years old due to partial deafness to have regular hearing tests.  These stopped at this point as the deafness didn’t alter but I hated going as the doctors would talk to my mum and completely ignored me.  It would really get my back up as I felt as if I was being treated like a stupid little child who didn’t understand what was going on.  I got to the stage I resented going and would play  up about talking to the doctors on the rare occasions they would talk to me.  My mum knew why I played up but it just made the appointments difficult for her and hard work particularly if I refused to talk.

Today was okay even though I didn’t know what to expect apart from getting medical history.  After that I was basically prodded, poked, legs pulled about had the joints in my hands and legs felt.   My right hip clicked quite a bit which puzzled the consultant a bit and my back clicked in a couple of places as well.

He has decided I have osteoarthritis in my hands but not sure about my hip.  Now I have to go back for x-rays on my hands which I know will show arthritis in my hands as I have been told this in the past.  I will also be having my lower back and chest x-rayed.  At the time I didn’t think to ask why I needed a chest x-ray.  There is no getting away from blood tests though as the consultant wants this done for calcium levels which makes sense.  Will be glad to get Monday over and done with as that’s when I’m going back


About Philippa

I am married to Rick and we live in a small town in County Durham. We have two dogs, a cat and two budgies. I am also an adoption survivor. In 1981 my son was born and I was then forced to surrender him. It took 23 years and reunion for my to find out that my son's adoption was legally known as a forced adoption and illegal but social workers got away with it because mothers didn't know their rights.
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One Response to Hospital Appointments

  1. kirs10woods says:

    “He has decided I have osteoarthritis in my hands but not sure about my hip.” I know that this is funny but it is also frustrating… I started feeling joint pains when I was 17 and the doctor decided to declare that I am just suffering from muscle pain… I went to get a second opinion to a more reliable physician and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis… I had physical therapy for several weeks, but it didn’t work… Finally, my parents agreed for me to have stem cell therapy, which I had for 5 weeks with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr Purita. It went fine and I can say that it was successful as I don’t feel any joint problems 3 months after I recovered from the therapy… I hope that you will find the best treatment for you too… just stay positive and happy… 🙂

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