22 November 2010

Saturday was our 17th wedding anniversary and it’s almost scary to think about how the years have flown by.  We had a quiet day but that is normal for us.  None of his family have ever acknowledged our anniversary.  My family used to before I fell out with them in early 1999.  After I got back in touch with my parents late 2001 they started sending us a Christmas card and one for my birthday but have ignored Rick’s birthday and our anniversary.  It upsets me at times but this is my parents all over.  I still don’t talk to my sister almost twelve years on.

Yesterday we didn’t go far as both of us felt rough.  I hadn’t slept well so felt exhausted all day.  It’s the first time we have missed going to church since we have moved here.

Today we have felt better.  For me having a good night’s sleep helped and I woke late for me at 8.25 am.  It has also helped my mood as I have been very depressed recently.  All I can put it down to was hating where we lived before so it was stress finally coming out.  The stupidity of it all in my mind is that I love living where we do now.  Nothing will persuade me to move back down south now.  I love being in a village, having wonderful walks we can do, being on the coast, fresh air, community spirit….


About Philippa

I am married to Rick and we live in a small town in County Durham. We have two dogs, a cat and two budgies. I am also an adoption survivor. In 1981 my son was born and I was then forced to surrender him. It took 23 years and reunion for my to find out that my son's adoption was legally known as a forced adoption and illegal but social workers got away with it because mothers didn't know their rights.
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