Tired all the time

25th April 2011

Lack of sleep at night time and being busy over the past few days has left me feeling tired all the time.

On Friday afternoon there was an afternoon meeting at the Salvation Army hall.  It was a time for meditation which was much better than I thought it would be.  The back hall had been split into three parts.  One was for prayers including reading prayers, and, taking of bread and ‘wine’ (Schloer was used instead of wine).  The middle part was for meditation and washing hands.  The third part was looking in the mirror.  A picture of Jesus was at eye level so the ‘reflection’ back was Him as we are made in the image of God.

On Saturday morning we walked from Horden through to the Castle Eden nature reserve information.  On the way back we cut through Peterlee.  It took us about 3 1/2 hours which wasn’t bad going as we had a few stops on the route.  It exhausted the dogs so they slept all afternoon.

Yesterday morning we went to the 6 am morning service which was held at Blackhall Rocks.   From there we went up to Easington for breakfast which was followed by a service at 10 am.  We went home for a few hours and had one of our neighbours for lunch.  At about 2.15 pm one of the Salvation Army local officers and his friend turned up as they weren’t sure how to get to the corp in Monkwearmouth.  Several of us were going so the Captains came in their car to our home before picking up other people so we could follow them.  The service was good and the band was excellent.  I was so exhausted I went to bed at 10.15 pm.

Today we got a carpet down in our bedroom.  The worst bit was moving the bed as the mattress is heavy.  Getting that put down has been a good excuse to get our bedroom straight.  I have still got a bit more to do but it won’t take long now.  It will make it easier to get the spare bedroom straight.


About Philippa

I am married to Rick and we live in a small town in County Durham. We have two dogs, a cat and two budgies. I am also an adoption survivor. In 1981 my son was born and I was then forced to surrender him. It took 23 years and reunion for my to find out that my son's adoption was legally known as a forced adoption and illegal but social workers got away with it because mothers didn't know their rights.
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